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A Credit Card Takes Charge

Page Street Kids

ISBN: 978-1645678847



About the Book:

Goldie is the new card on the block, the diva who’s ready to shop ‘til she drops and always foots the bill for her friends. 

When Penny, Bill, and the rest of the cash crew map their travel plans, Goldie won’t accept any penny-pinching. On her dime everything’s an upgrade: a road trip becomes a fancy flight, a packed picnic turns into decadent doughnuts, and birdwatching gets replaced by a full-blown safari. 

Despite her friends’ warnings, it’s not long before Goldie starts to feel spent. Without the dough to back up her pile of purchases, Goldie’s heading toward a total swipe-out. She’ll have to take charge and pay for her mistakes if she wants to earn back her place in the wallet―and the trust of her friends. 

Readers of all ages will love this playful, punny introduction to credit cards as they follow Goldie’s journey toward swiping smartly and discovering that there are some things money just can’t buy.


To pre-order a signed copy, visit Park Road Books.


Out October 1st! Pre-order Available!

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