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A Penny's Worth

Page Street Kids

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1645674689

Paperback ISBN: 978-1645679448

About the Book:

Penny's, worthless? Non-cents!

Hot off the minting press, Penny feels like a million bucks. But as other coins and bills are spent while she sits forgotten, she begins to doubt her value. She is too small to slot-surf with Quarter. Even penny candy sells for a dime! Refusing to be short-changed, she sets out to find her purpose at any cost.

Readers will laugh at the wealth of money puns, learn a basic lesson on US currency, and discover that self-worth is truly priceless.​


To order a signed copy, visit Park Road Books.


"Combining a dash of math with buckets of good humor, this book is certainly money in the bank.” -Kirkus Reviews


"[...] This tribute to what is, the author notes, still our country’s most minted coin offers a perfect opportunity to discuss the difference between mere purchasing power and real value."


"Highly appropriate for mathematics lessons, this tale will make children chuckle while teaching them about coins and dollar bills [...] A lighthearted introduction to the monetary and sentimental value of American currency, with a subtext on the hidden value of less measurable sums.” -SLJ

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