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School Visit Options

A Read-Aloud You Can Take to the Bank

30 minutes

Recommended for grades K-2

Includes a reading of one of Kimberly’s books and Q & A. 

Kimberly’s Two Cents on Writing a Story

30-45 minutes, depending on age group

Recommended for grades K-5

Includes a reading of one of Kimberly’s books, an interactive presentation on how to write a story that will get kids excited about writing, a fast-paced money math game that will keep them engaged, and Q & A. 

On the Money

45 minutes

Recommended for grades 1-3

Includes a reading of one of Kimberly’s books, Q&A, and an interactive introduction to money math that will get kids thinking about earning, spending, and saving. 

Please contact me for a quote.

*Click here for ways to fund a school visit.

Purchasing Books for Your School Visit


Upon request, Kimberly will help facilitate book sales through your local book store and is happy to sign and personalize books, either prior to arrival or during the visit. If the visit is virtual, she will send signed bookplates to place inside each book ordered. Please indicate if there is a store your school prefers to use.  

Title I School Visits


A number of of in-person visits are set aside each year for Charlotte area Title I schools. Please contact Kimberly to be considered for one of these free events.

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