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Now Booking 2024-2025 School Visits


For more information or to schedule your visit, contact The Booking Tree

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A Read-Aloud You Can Take to the Bank

45 minutes, Recommended for Grades K-1

Kimberly takes young book lovers on an adventure through one of her books by reading it aloud. Then the floor opens to a Q&A, and students can ask her anything about books, writing, or being an author. The visit will wrap up with a coloring activity where students can create their own characters.


Kimberly’s Two Cents on Writing a Story

45 minutes, Recommended for Grades 1-3

Starting with a read-aloud of one of her books, Kimberly will inspire young writers to use their imagination and creativity in a brainstorm of characters, settings, and more! In this guided, interactive presentation, students will leave with tons of ideas and the tools to write their own stories. There will be time at the end of the presentation for a Q&A.


Cent-sational Writing Workshop

1 hour, Recommended for Grades 4-5

This is a more intensive version of the Two Cents on Writing a Story. After an interactive read-aloud, where Kimberly will discuss the use of literary devices and wordplay, she will switch to brainstorm mode, getting students excited about writing. Then they will go over key elements in storytelling and put pencil to paper. Each student will leave with a plan to finish their own story as well as answers to any questions they have.


On the Money

45 minutes, Recommended for Grades 1-3

After a read-aloud of one of Kimberly’s books, an introduction to money math and key elements of financial literacy will get students talking and thinking about earning, spending, and saving. At the end of the presentation, they are encouraged to ask any questions they have about money or writing.


Million Dollar Questions

(Virtual only, unless as an add-on to a multiple-presentation in-person visit.)

30 minutes, Recommended for All Ages

What goes into writing a picture book? What inspires a writer? How are books made? How long does it take? Read Kimberly’s books ahead of time and hit her with all your writing and book-related questions in this fun Q&A discussion.


Custom Visit or Workshop

Looking for something specific to go along with your curriculum? Kimberly will cater a presentation just for your school!


Writing Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Kimberly is available for conferences, writing groups, library events, and more! These types of presentations are customized and priced based on individual needs and requests.

Are You A Title I School?

A number of of in-person visits are set aside each year for Charlotte area Title I schools. Please contact Kimberly to be considered for one of these free events.

Wondering How to Fund a School Visit?

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Have Other Questions?

Contact The Booking Tree

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