A Penny's Worth


Page Street Kids, April 5, 2022 

ISBN: 978-1645674689

Penny's, worthless? Non-cents!

Hot off the minting press, Penny feels like a million bucks. But as other coins and bills are spent while she sits forgotten, she begins to doubt her value. She is too small to slot-surf with Quarter. Even penny candy sells for a dime! Refusing to be short-changed, she sets out to find her purpose at any cost.

Readers will laugh at the wealth of money puns, learn a basic lesson on US currency, and discover that self-worth is truly priceless.

A PENNY'S WORTH hits the shelves April 5, 2022 and is available for presale now.


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Kirkus Reviews:

"Combining a dash of math with buckets of good humor, this book is certainly money in the bank."

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